Low-Temperature Flip Chip Assembly

Low-Temperature Flip Chip Assembly

Nuclear Spectroscopic Telescope Array Rockford, MI

Flip Chip Assembly & Prototyping from Rockford, MI

 At PAT, we offer the best flip chip assembly and prototyping services from Rockford, Michigan. When you come to us, you'll have access to high-quality, low-volume flip chip assembly services for fine-pitch (100µm) pixel imaging devices and temperature-sensitive II-VI and III-V devices, including optical, radiation, biomedical sensors, and optical/polymer-MEMS. Founder, President, & CEO Jim Clayton has more than 45 years of experience working in microelectronic assembly, package, and design, and shares all of it directly with customers through PAT. Our technology uses low-cost, low-temperature curing with silver-filled, non-leaded conductive epoxies applied using a patented stencil printing technique. High-density flip chip interconnections exceeding 16,000 I/O have been achieved using low applied forces with this technique, offering a less expensive alternative to conventional indium bump bonding or hybridization assembly. We also offer prototyping services, in addition to our assembly services.

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Manufacturer Flip Chip Assembly Rockford, MI
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 Jim Clayton Manufacturer Flip Chip Assembly Rockford, MI

About Us

PAT or Polymer Assembly Technology was founded in January of 2003 in Billerica, Massachusetts, by Jim Clayton. Prior to starting this company, he worked for Bunker-Ramo Corp., Hughes Aircraft, NCR, Wang Laboratories, Fairchild Semiconductor, National Semiconductor, and Motorola. He served as the Director of R&D for Polymer Flip Chip Corporation for five years. The company is currently working with several government and university research labs that are developing CZT imaging devices for astronomical, medical, and Homeland Security imaging applications. Additionally, PAT is registered with the DOD's Central Contractor Registry as a small business service provider. PAT seeks to provide its clients with quality microelectronic interconnect solutions through persistent technical and quality improvement, and uncompromising ethical standards. Contact us today to learn more.

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